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VIVO Surrogacy was born from the desire to help intended parents find their ideal surrogate, while nurturing surrogates through pregnancy. Juggling the ins-and-outs of surrogacy can be challenging, but we make finding the right agency easy. 

We devote ourselves to making such personal family matters, like surrogacy, simpler. By vetting applicants, interviewing parents and surrogates, completing surrogate medical pre-screening, and coordinating services we demystify the process. When we connect surrogates and parents, our goal is to ensure the highest chance of a healthy, successful pregnancy.


Serving as a surrogate is an amazing gift to intended parents. With diligent attention, care and support, we are honored to facilitate surrogates on their journey of giving to parents embarking on their path to parenthood.


Get in touch and we’ll find the perfect surrogate-intended parent match!

What Sets Us Apart

1. Our Medical Expertise.

Having a team led by professional reproductive clinicians, with more than 20-years of combined expertise at our disposal, enables us to thoughtfully pre-screen surrogates before presenting them to intended parents. This helps ensure the best outcome for the surrogate and child.

2. Our California Location.

With years of experience providing fertility services in California (a surrogate-friendly state), our team will skillfully lead your journey through surrogacy. We have all the needed resources and knowledge to guide you, so that you can have peace of mind throughout the process.

3. Our Client Dedication.

We appreciate the faith and commitment from all our intended parents and surrogates. Every client has an unique journey leading them to us. Regardless of race, gender, or partner choice - we promise to serve you with respect, and to honor your trust and privacy.

About Us


Sharon Moayeri, MD, MPH, MS


Dr. Sharon Moayeri has been a practicing Fertility Specialist in California since 2004. Her expertise spans all aspects of infertility including, Third Party Reproduction - surrogacy and egg donation. As her private practice grew, she had more and more demand for surrogacy, but had patients feeling frustrated with the lack of available qualified surrogates. This prompted her to fill-the-need she saw within her own Practice and bore her idea to offer the same level of care to others - VIVO Surrogacy emerged. 


Dr. M strives to provide parents the best opportunity to pursue their family dreams, while ensuring the safety of surrogates during their pregnancy. By anticipating, planning, and discussing with parents and surrogates their options, we limit risks and optimize the outcome of a healthy baby.


To learn more about Dr. Moayeri: 


Angela Zamora, RN, MSN, NP


Angie Zamora has years (2011-2018) of experience working as lead Third Party IVF Coordinator for a thriving fertility practice in Newport Beach, California. Her passion for working directly with intended parents, surrogates, and egg donors continues to deepen with each case. Angie's attention to detail is surpassed by none. Intended parents have said, "You are the best, Angie!!  Seriously...your promptness, proactive ways and the surplus of information and comfort you always provide is so much appreciated! THANK YOU!"

Angie received her Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Creighton University (1999). She went on to receive a Masters of Science in Nursing from the University of Nebraska Medical Center in 2005.  She was first introduced to Dr. Sharon Moayeri in 2007 as she sought assisted reproductive technology to grow her family.  Angie and her husband now have two busy sons, age nine and six.

Serving all Families

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Gestational surrogacy is a fertility treatment where a woman carries a baby not biologically related to her. The pregnancy results from in vitro fertilization using the intended parent's, or donor's, egg and sperm to create embryos that are transferred into the surrogate's womb - correctly called a "gestational carrier."

Reasons for surrogacy may include: mother's medical illness, absent or abnormal uterus, repeat miscarriages, failed IVF, single parents, or same-sex male couples.


We are grateful to surrogates who choose this journey of giving to help parent's fulfill their dream path to parenthood.


At VIVO Surrogacy, we pride ourselves on cultivating an inclusive environment for LGBTQIA+ individuals to expand their family. We believe that everyone should have equal access to the best available resources and services.

We can guide you whether you are in a same-sex male relationship, single, or a couple interested in reciprocal-IVF. By having connections to all your needed resources, such as egg or sperm donor, we provide solutions for creating your ideal family.

We look forward to serving all families and assisting you in your path to parenthood.

International Parents

Access to surrogacy is variable in the United States with even more limited availability for parents living abroad. Fortunately, VIVO Surrogacy is located in Southern California (a surrogate-friendly state) with access to the best medical and non-medical resources, including nearby airports, hotels, and destination locales. 


We understand the needs of traveling parents who want to ensure the highest quality surrogacy to fulfill their family dreams.


Whether you are meeting us from across the United States, England, Australia, China, or India we look forward to guiding you on your path to parenthood.

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