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Do I need to use a Surrogacy Agency?

Even if you are using a friend or family member as your surrogate, unexpected costs and issues may develop. These may delay or halt the process and damage the relationship between the surrogate and intended parent. A surrogacy agency is designed to help manage and mediate such unforeseen events.

Will your agency let me use my own surrogate?

VIVO Surrogacy has an option for intended parents who may want to use a friend or family member as their surrogate. We can complete all non-medical and medical screening; as well as coordinate the treatment. These services are to the same standards as what we provide when working with one of our own surrogates.

How are payments distributed to the surrogate?

Funds provided by the intended parent for the surrogate are held in an attorney-client trust account OR a licensed escrow account. Surrogates are paid monthly and as outlined in the contractual agreement.

How long does the surrogacy process take?

The time from the S-IP match to doing an embryo transfer generally varies from 1-3 months. The embryo transfer protocol usually takes about one month from the start to find out if your surrogate is pregnant.

What is involved in your  surrogate vetting process?

At VIVO Surrogacy we have surrogates at various stages of screening - many have completed pre-medical screening and are awaiting a match; while others are just starting the process. In addition to detailed medical clearance we do background criminal record checks on the surrogate, her partner, and any other adults living at her address.

What is the general cost for using a surrogate?

The total cost of surrogacy is generally between $100,000 to $150,000. Factors that affect costs include: surrogate health insurance, legal fees, lost wages, egg donor and/or IVF fees, pregnancy complications, and surrogate's regional cost-of-living. When comparing agencies, it is important to identify what services are included in the advertised fees, since some only provide base-rates and then add-on large fees downstream.