Path to Parenthood

Intended Parents

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    • Complete application on our website's PARENTS APPLY page to submit your information and begin the process of finding your surrogate.

    • Once your initial information is received, we will contact you to complete a more in-depth application to understand what are your family needs.

    • Please contact us for questions: inquiry@conceivesurrogacy.com

    submit parent application

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    • After completing the application we will start presenting you with suitable surrogate candidates.

    • You and potential surrogates will have the chance to meet to see if you are a good match before making any final decisions.

    • Once a surrogate-intended parent match is finalized, then the legal paperwork will be executed and the surrogate's embryo transfer treatment can begin.

    "The S-IP Match"

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    • After the S-IP match, the planning phase begins for her embryo transfer calendar and protocol.

    • This treatment is guided by your fertility doctor's team. 

    • We will facilitate coordination of the surrogate's care with the clinic you select.

    • Embryo Transfer Procedure: many intended parents are present with the surrogate on the day of the embryo transfer so plan accordingly. (Note: some doctor's recommend bed-rest for a few days after the embryo transfer procedure.)

    • Pregnancy Test: a blood draw about 2 weeks after the surrogate's embryo transfer to see if the procedure worked.

    Embryo Transfer

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    • If your surrogate's pregnancy test is negative, then she will stop her medications and get a period/menses within a few days. The next steps will be determined by your physician.

    • If your surrogate's test is positive, then she will have close monitoring care during the first trimester (12 weeks gestation) with regularly scheduled fetal viability ultrasound exams and/or blood tests to evaluate prenatal and pregnancy hormones.

    • At the end of the first trimester most surrogates transfer care to their own obstetrician (OB) or one that has been agreed to. 

    • Presumably, your surrogate's pregnancy will progress routinely after the first-trimester to birth.

    Pregnancy & Birth

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